To mark the beginning of the term, CBC teachers attended a staff development session on Global Educational Trends in the 21st Century. The workshop was facilitated by veteran educationalist Mr G. Pallister who is the headmaster of Hippo Valley Primary School.

Mr Pallister’s presentation was mainly drawn from his experience in education as well as taking part in numerous international conferences, the most recent one being the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai. His presentation focused on the future of education in producing global citizens and the ever evolving role of teachers in the new world that is increasingly shaped by technology. He noted that education institutions and teachers need to reassess and evaluate the kind of education they are imparting in view of the types of careers skills needed now and in the future for them to remain relevant. He emphasised that now more than ever, schools and teachers need to effectively prepare and equip their students for the dynamic future.

Thanks to him for sharing his insights with the CBC staff.

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