During the holiday Young Leaders’ Society members from CBC went out to the stables near their school to take part in what they all agreed was an eye opener, and an activity that touched them as they learnt about the work the Centre did.

Members Aarish Naik, Wade Pettican, Stavros Kehayias and President, Jordan Smith, all took their introductory steps towards making the club a fully involved participant in the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre.

Their cold afternoon consisted of greeting the children of King George VI children and getting smiley faces despite the miserable weather and assisting four older boys in riding their horses by walking alongside them and keeping them steady.

All agreed it filled the souls to the brim with joy as they saw the smiles on each of the boys faces, a little early Christmas joy.

Horse riding enables huge development in the children’s motor skills and improves their general well being and health. All in all, due to the help of the horses, helpers’ encouragement and exercise regiment while on the horse, conducted by the ladies in charge, these children are improving in both their physical and mental conditions.

The Young Leaders also made a donation of mealie meal and sugar to the King George VI as a Christmas present. The Young Leaders’ Society thanked the ladies in charge Aileen and Jill, for offering them an opportunity to interact with the children there.

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