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The College has a very strong, well-defined disciplinary code and expects every pupil to adhere to this. Our policy complies with the rules and regulations as stated in the Statutory Instrument No. 0362 of 1998 and the Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture Circular P35 of 1999.


•No unusual haircuts will be allowed. The accepted schoolboy haircut of short back and sides is required. No long fringes.
• No tinting or dyeing will be accepted.
• No tattoos will be accepted.
• No jewellery, apart from medic alert discs, is to be worn with school uniform.
Any boy found wearing jewellery will have it confiscated immediately
• Outside of school, pupils are not allowed to wear odd items of uniform.
Wear your uniform with pride.

Conduct out of School

• Conduct out of school, especially when in uniform, should be acceptable to College standards at all times.
• The same principles must apply even when not in uniform.
• Disciplinary action will be taken against boys who break the above rules.
• Every member of the School is expected to show respect and courtesy to all staff, prefects, parents, visitors and other pupils.
• Staff are to be greeted at all times and pupils should stand when doing this.
• Use of bad language will not be tolerated in any situation.
• All visitors to the College must be acknowledged with a smile and a pleasant greeting.

Drugs Policy

St. Patrick’s Christian Brothers College takes the point of view that drug abuse is an unacceptable practice. It is our policy to condemn the abuse of drugs in any form, but to support those who need help in this area, without necessarily endangering their schooling careers. The College seeks to balance the interest of those involved, other College members and the local community. Permanent exclusion is seen as a last resort, as it may only transfer the initial problem. The College, however, will expel College members if it is deemed necessary.
The College has policies with regard to the use of drugs; with regard to dealing and possession of drugs and with regard to action taken by the College, as ratified by the College’s Board of Governors, Headmaster and Staff. This is NOT a process of victimisation, but an honest attempt to identify, at an early stage, College members in crisis.
All parents / guardians and pupils sign a Code of Conduct Agreement with the College that governs “Substance use and abuse.”
Internet use
All parents / guardians and pupils sign an “Acceptable Internet Use Policy” pupils’ code agreement.