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The boys raised the CBC flag very high in Harare.
Final Results:
U14: CBC (11) vs (4) Hellenic
U15: CBC (13) vs (0) Hellenic
U15/16: CBC (4) vs (3)Hellenic
U16/17: CBC (7) vs (2) vs Peterhouse
U14: CBC (11) vs (0) Peterhouse
U15: CBC (12) vs (0) Peterhouse
U16/17: CBC (8)vs (1) St Johns
U15/16B: CBC (3) vs (4) Hellenic
[9/9, 5:27 pm] Mfo: U16/17: CBC (8) vs (0) U16 Hellenic
U14: CBC (8) vs (1) St Johns
U15: CBC (17) vs (0) St George’s
U16/17: CBC (9) vs (1) 2nds Hellenic
U15: CBC (14) vs (2) St Johns
Thanks to the coaches, managers, parents and supporters.
#CBCByo #CBCSport #CBCWaterpolo #GreenandGold #EverythingWeTouchTurnsToGold

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