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Inspired by the vision of Edmund Rice, the College gives:

• Priority to education in a living faith, with its central purpose being the religious, moral, intellectual, physical and social education of the student.
• This community seeks to create an atmosphere of Christian care and concern in which the student can grow to maturity.

In keeping with the traditions established by the Christian Brothers:

• Specific acts of worship will include attendance at Mass by all pupils and staff.
• Morning prayers in each class prior to the first lesson.
• Any other prayers which may be introduced from time to time.
• The specific instruction in Catholic doctrine of Catholic pupils.
• The College respects the dignity of the student with his background, tradition and beliefs, valuing the potential of each and encouraging the strong to support the weak.
• The College is committed to providing opportunities for the student to experience God in the wonder of creation, in worship, and in the service of others.
• The College aims to provide a disciplined atmosphere in which the student is encouraged to grow and to take increasing responsibility for his actions and for the life of the College community.
• The College has a special concern for the poor and the under-privileged.
• The principal and the teaching staff have a central role in implementing the philosophy of the College.

Teachers are expected to:

• Participate in the varied aspects of school life: religious, sporting, cultural, academic and social.
• Place their professional expertise at the service of the students.
• Co-operate with other educational agencies in developing, implementing, and evaluating curricula which respond to the needs of the students and correspond to the philosophy of the school.
The primary right and obligation to educate young people belongs to the parents. In choosing this College, parents subscribe to its philosophy.

Parents are encouraged to:

• Give the College their trust and co-operation.
• Ensure that their children respect, obey, and co-operate with teachers.
• Support the varied activities of school life.