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dean femayi lost in the twist novel

Congratulations to Dean Femayi, who at form 3, has published a book titled “Lost in the twist”.

The novel is an intriguing account of a duo who faces the same fate as their late parents who come to realise the death of their parents was not accidental but caused by an insomniac, as the result of his belief in an existential threat that existed nowhere but in his mind.

When asked about how he got himself into authoring, Dean had a lot of praise for his mentors and teachers:
The debate club seniors, Mukudzeiishe, Jewel, Mthokozisi and Shivam inspired him to keep going even when things seemed overwhelming, and he wasn’t sure he could complete his novel.

His English teachers, Mrs Mashazhu and Mrs Rae provided encouragement and advice along the way.

And most importantly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, who proofread and edited the book.

We are very round of him and wish him all the best in his newly found passion of writing books.

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