In line with the recent announcement on the re-opening of schools, the College will open on Monday 6th September 2021 at 7.10 am.

Calendar of Events

This will be sent to you in due course.

Afternoon Activities

The College will advise in due course which afternoon activities will take place.

On-Line Lessons will stop on Friday 27th August 2021.

Parents please do not send your son to school if he is not well.  Furthermore, do not drive off before your son has done all the necessary screening procedures.  You may have to take him to a doctor if, for example, his temperature is high.

Screening Procedures at the Gate

  1. Temperature check at the entry point.
  2. No entry without a face mask.
  3. Hand sanitising upon entry at the gate.
  4. Your son should be in possession of his own pocket sanitiser which he must show at the gate.



Kindly ensure that your son’s fees are paid up to date.


CBC Branded Face Masks

The College has CBC branded cloth face masks for sale at US$2 at the College Office.  Kindly bring the correct amount in US$ because change is a problem.


Important Note

Any learner who deliberately fails to follow the stipulated Covid-19 protocols will be sent home.  All learners need to understand that Covid-19 protocols are not negotiable.



Your son already has his school timetable which is unchanged from the previous term when the College was open.


Reminder of College Standards

Our aim at the College is to raise world leaders of tomorrow, honourable citizens who have a positive impact on society.  To this end, please check the following before your son comes to school:

  1. Punctuality is of paramount importance. The College has zero tolerance for late-comers.

2. Uniform 

Boys should be smartly turned out in the proper summer uniform and will be sent home if they have the wrong combination or unofficial items of clothing that do not conform to our College uniform.  Please check for faded shirts and ragged collars before your son leaves the house in the morning for school.

3. Haircuts 

The College does not tolerate “rock star” haircuts and boys sporting these will, therefore, be turned back.  Boys must also be clean shaven.

4. Excuse Notes 

If your son is absent from school, please provide an excuse note explaining his absence when he returns to the College.  This is an important document that helps the College to account for your son’s whereabouts during the course of the term.  Such communication can also be done via email.

End of Term Reports will be sent to you by Friday 3rd September 2021. 

Should there be any changes to these arrangements, we will notify you.


Isaiah 40 v 31

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. 

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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