On the night of the 20th of June, a group of do-gooders set out in the brisk night air to help out those in need. The group comprised Violette Kee-tui Director of Communications Catalyst, CBC old boy Anton Bhana from Creative Centre, Mandi Mitchell from the CBC SDC, their friends from the Revival Centre Church as well as CBC students David Waters, Zachary Maidwell and Tayne Mitchell.
The group handed out blankets, which were received with gratitude as many of the homeless had nothing to cover themselves with apart from thin sheets of plastic. The gifts of blankets will make a great difference in this chilly winter as many make their beds on the cold hard pavement. Clothes and food parcels were also given out and the gratitude expressed by those less fortunate made the whole evening all the more worth it.
Thanks goes out to all those who donated and were involved for giving of their time.

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