On Saturday CBC A Teams played against Eaglesvale in Harare while the B Teams played Goldridge at home. Well done to all the teams for a good performance.

Vs Eaglesvale

First Team:
Won by 16 runs with Timothy Judge taking 5 wickets

Won by 8 wickets. Ray Royce Sibanda making 51 runs not out, Andrew Price 26 runs off 40 balls.

Won by 112 runs with Mohammed Minhas making 53 runs

Won by 396 runs with Saxon Pettican making 145 runs not out

Vs Goldridge

U15B Won beat Goldridge by 35 runs

The rest of the matches were washed off by the rain.

Tennis Vs Falcon

U14s drew 2-2

U15s won 3-1

U16s lost 1-3

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