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The CBC Traffic Safety Club plays an important role, particularly now with the new covid regulations, in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in and out of the college.

This term, the members, together with members of the sports department (Mr N Madida and Mr A Soweto), have been assisting in directing traffic and ensuring that traffic and Covid 19 rules are followed in the morning during drop off and in the afternoon during pick-up.

Additionally, the Safety Club seeks to conscientise the student drivers and adults to observe road rules.

Preparations are underway for the Form One Open Day to be held on the 21st May 2021 where the members of the Traffic Safety Club have been tasked with directing incoming and outgoing traffic of the prospective parents and students.

Senior members in charge of this task are: Adam Hugo, Thabo Tshuma and Joshua Biddlecombe. These gentlemen, guided by Mr A Mdhlongwa, coordinate the activities of the club under the motto “Your Safety Is Our Concern”.

#CBCTrafficSafetyClub #YourSafetyisOurConcern

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