“The years I spent at CBC were the most memorable of my life,”old boy Shivam Patel.

shivam patel, cbc bulawayo old boy

Shivam Patel attended CBC from Form 1 to Form 3 (2010-2013). Afterwards his family relocated to the US where he continued and completed his secondary education. He then enrolled at the University of Florida where he is studying Aerospace Engineering and has just completed his second year. At the present moment Shivam is on his second internship with General Electric Aviation, a leading manufacturer of jet engines.

Apart from the academic studies Shivam is involved with the Engineering Ambassadors which is a student organization at the University of Florida that gives tours of the College of Engineering, serves the community through volunteering, and puts together events focused toward incoming engineering students. He also plays for the University of Florida’s Hockey team.

About the years he spent at CBC, Shivam had the following to say:

– The years I spent at CBC were by far the most memorable years of my life. CBC helped me build the strong foundation upon which I stand today and the education I obtained as well as the discipline that was enforced helped me stay successful and focused through my transition to an entirely new environment. The bonds I created with my teachers and the memories I made with all my friends at CBC will forever be cherished no matter where I may be around the world. I cannot express how thankful I am for such an institution and my 15 years in Zimbabwe that have shaped me into the person I am today.

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