Sports & Clubs

The following sports are currently offered at the College:

First Term
Cricket, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Waterpolo, Volleyball, Squash, Athletics, Cross Country, Golf, Indoor Hockey.

Second Term

Rugby, Field Hockey, Soccer, Squash, Table Tennis, Golf, Volleyball.

Third Term

Cricket, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Waterpolo, Volleyball, Squash, Swimming, Golf.
• All boys are expected to take part in at least one sport per term unless medically excused. (A doctor’s note is required).
• The College has a nine lane, 25 metre swimming pool, five all-weather tennis courts, four cricket fields, 3 hockey fields, 3 rugby fields, 2 soccer fields, 2 volleyball courts, 3 basketball courts, a 400 metre athletics track, a cross country track, 2 glass-backed squash courts. Indoor Hockey takes place at nearby venues, and Golf at clubs in the City.

Clubs, Societies and Cultural Activities

The following clubs, societies and cultural activities are currently offered, but these may change from time to time:

Young Entrepreneurs, Chess, Computers, Careers, Chemistry, Craft, Marimbas, Art, Choir, French Club, Science Club, Edmund Rice Society, Scripture Union, Public Speaking, Quiz, Debating, Interact, Drama, Orchestra, Conservation, Weather Club.
Form 1 and 2 must choose a club. For the remainder of the school, clubs are optional and can be taken in conjunction with a sport.
Medically excused pupils must take two clubs and will also be used in administrative duties at sports.
All Lower Sixth boys have to perform a Community Service within the College to help junior pupils, sports groups and service organisations.