School Spirit – Viriliter Age!

When we have a rugby match 15 of us go onto the field, but the rest of us do the work outside the field – we are the 16th player.
When we have a soccer match 11 of us are in the pitch – but we are the 12th player.
When we go into a Hockey match, 11 of us go into the pitch, but we are the 12th player
We are the supporters, we go out in numbers, in full force –

Our first XV, go into the field and theirs is to play the ball, defend the touch line, fight for the ball in the scrum and ruck, ship the ball to the forwards, push hard for a try.
Our first 11 go into the field, theirs is to dribble, to attack the goal posts and score goals
Ours is to cheer them on, to sing war cries for them, to pick them up when they are down. To give them the courage to go on,
To keep pushing, keep trying until they get it right!
When they score a goal or a try, the goal or try is theirs and ours.
When they win the victory is theirs and ours!
When they lose, we are with them, we go through the pain together, we sing together, we help them to gather the strength to stand up again and fight harder until one day they WIN!
We are that force which stays outside the pitch, physically, but we go inside the pitch with our First XV in Rugby, First XI in Hockey, First XI in Soccer, in our hearts, in the spirit we fight with them, we win and lose matches with them.
After all we are one family, We are the CBC Family
We say together – Viriliter Age!

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