Rugby: CBC vs Eaglesvale

cbc bulawayo versus eaglesvale

Final results:

Hornets 5 vs Eaglesvale 1st 12.

Men of Men 14 vs Eaglesvale 2nds   0.

CBC U16A 5 vs Eaglesvale U16As 5.

CBC U15As 7 vs Eagles U15As 7.

CBC U14As 19 vs Eaglesvale U14As 12.

Congratulations to all the teams that played today. Exciting rugby was played all round.

The Hornets played very well and created a lot of chances, made excellent defensive and offensive moves but needed to a more sharper finishing. The CBC family is behind the Hornets and their rebuilding project – keep at it gentlemen –it’s coming together.

Men of Men seemed to had done their homework well, inspired by the head boy, Jordan Edwards who together with the Skywalker (Davison Chivero) had their own moment of brilliance as they exchanged good passes which saw the head boy finishing with an excellent try.  Jared Lezar added another one to make the final score 14-0 to Men of Men.

The juniors also had good games which resulted in draws for U15As and U16As. Congratulations to U14As for winning 19-12.

The spirit of sportsmanship is one of the most beautiful aspects in sports. Through it sportsmen demonstrate that we play against each other but we also come together to enjoy and celebrate a good game afterwards so as to build friendships and partnerships at higher levels. This was demonstrated by the Hornets and Eaglesvale 1st after their tough match. The teams came together on the pitch, joined hands and said the Lord’s prayer together, giving the honour and glory to God for such a great game and for guiding the travelling teams safely to and from Bulawayo.


christian brothers college bulawayo rugby 2017

cbc rugby 2017

cbc 2017

christian brothers college bulawayo versus eaglesvale

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