CBC Sharks win the Grant Tilley Trophy

christian brothers college waterpolo 2017

The Sharks have been crowned as new champions of the Grant Tilley water-polo tournament after St John’s and Falcon fell short of the crown on goal difference.
The level of competition throughout the tournament was very high as all teams played exciting waterpolo. Two games had to be decided through penalty shootouts (CBC vs Georges and St John’s vs St Georges).

The highlights of the two day tournament were matches played by top three teams (CBC, Falcon and St John’s) which seemed to be of level strength only to be separated by goal differences.
CBC put themselves at an advantage by winning by 7 goals to 4 against St. John’s College. Falcon College then beat CBC by 5 goals to 4 in a closely contested match.
In the final match Falcon vs St. John’s, Falcon needed to just win the match in order to win the trophy, while St. John’s needed to win the match with a margin of 4 or more goals in order to win the trophy. This worked to CBC’s advantage as the match ended 4-3 to St. John’s
This capped off a memorable two-day outing glittered with outstanding commitment on- and off- the pool.
Viriliter Age!
The final positions were:
1st: CBC
2nd: Falcon College
3rd: St. Johns
4th: St. Georges
5th: Hellenic
6th: Peterhouse
7th: PE
Well done to the top 7 schools waterpolo giants!

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