CBC mourns the death of Brother Dennis Turner

brother dennis turner

It is with great sadness that the College records the passing away last night of Brother D. K. Turner, aged 84. A past Headmaster of CBC (1983-1984) Brother Turner devoted his latter years to the College’s Night School for disadvantaged people, as well as supporting two peri-urban primary schools, at the Airport and Mthombothemba. Brother Turner touched the lives of many people and his selfless dedication to his calling was an inspiration to all who knew him. The members of the Board of Governors, the Headmaster, staff and all the CBC family offer their deepest sympathies to Brother Turner’s family at this time. May his dear soul rest in peace.

brother dennis turner

The late Brother Turner with some of his students during evening classes.

brother dennis turner 1

Adult supplementary teaching by the late Brother Turner.

brother riley, chingwere, bruce and turner

mthombothemba primary school

Outreach to Mthombothemba Primary School


moment of silence for brother turner

A moment of silence for Brother Turner


5 Responses to CBC mourns the death of Brother Dennis Turner

  1. Joseph O'Neill says:

    Sympathies on the death of Bro Dennis Turner. Did huge work especially for the lesser privileged over the years. Witnessed the great work that he did

  2. Mike Monson says:

    Good teachers are a blessing from God. Brother Turner was one of the very best. He taught me at St Agnes in Cape Town in 1967. My condolences to all who feel the loss of his passing. Mike Monson

  3. Mario Fernandez says:

    One of the finest teachers of my life at St Agnes in Woodstock, Cape Town from 1959 to 1965! A great enthusiast for everything he taught – inter alia, the grammatical intricacies of the English language, his wonderful choirs, especially singing Latin plain chant, Afrikaans (believe it or not), football and cricket! He beat one only out of love. (No irony intended.) An utterly unforgettable, highly talented, and absolutely dedicated teacher. God rest his great soul!

  4. Barry Stoffberg says:

    Brother Turner taught me in the 1960s at St Agnes may he RIP great teacher my condolences to his family.

  5. Michael Anthony Whare says:

    This is a belated response to the passing of Bro. Dennis Turner. My entire life was modeled around his teachings and example relating to discipline, honour and respect for others. My years spent at St. Agnes , Cape Town were the best and most influential time of my existence.
    His love of music, sport and acts of decency have stayed with and been my staff to this day. I have recently turned 68 years of age and still speak with pride of my days of being a “Saint”, as we were known in the 60’s. Rest In Peace Brother, your works will never be forgotten.
    Michael Anthony Whare.

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