CBC Media Club Interviews Skulls Captain Panashe Nyamande

cbc hockey captain panashe nyamande

As the 2017 Hockey season has come and gone, the CBC Media Club junior interview team made up of Alex Kehayias, Ricky Basutu, Scott Lumsden and Dylan Androliakos (CBCMedia) invited Skulls Captain Panashe Nyamande (PN) to share his reflections on the team’s performance and achievements this season. Those who know Panashe would agree that he is one of the super sportsmen who fits well in any sporting discipline and where ever he goes he excels.

CBCMedia: Good morning Mr Nyamande.
PN: Good morning Shivam, Ricky, Dylan, Scott and Alexi.
CBCMedia: As the Skulls Captain, would you say that your team did well or did the boys disappoint you?
PN: Honestly it has been a great honour for me to lead such a great team. The team ended the season on a high note coming 5th in the whole country in the Top 12 as well as having 10 members of the Skulls making it into Zim teams. I have learnt a lot from my team members. The future of CBC hockey is really bright with players such as; Aarish Naik, Joseph Phiri, Jordan Lynx Wade Pettican, Kian Coomans whom we call ‘Khumalo’. There are quite a lot of juniors coming up and with the seniors that have been there for example Tim, Chigiya, Vuyi, Boks. You know, I’ve learnt a lot from them. This is a team that I can honestly say, I am proud of and regard it as an honour to have been a part of and captain of this team.
Mr. Mukadam and coach Eddie have had a great impact on us. When we were down did pick us up. It has been a long season, it hasn’t been easy but they were with us through it all.
CBCMedia: What advice would you give to the remaining Hockey players?
PN: To the future CBC hockey players including the upcoming juniors, just play hard and give it your very best, work together as a team and never give up.
CBCMedia: Besides Hockey, could you tell us some of your sports interests that you have been involved in?
PN: The other sports I play are first team soccer, which I stopped turning out for due to hockey, athletics, swimming, cricket and I’m the captain for first team tennis. I’m not only on the hockey field but also in the pool, on the track, on the pitch and also on the court.
The same sense of teamwork, discipline hard work and focus that is instilled in hockey is transferrable across all the other sporting disciplines. That is why you find that most if not all of my teammates easily take part in other sporting disciplines, excelling there as well.
CBCMedia: Apart from sport are you involved in any cultural activities?
PN: Oh yes, I’m a member of the CBC Media club and very passionate about photography. Also, I do get involved in charity work initiatives where we get to help those who are less fortunate in society.
CBCMedia: You have done so well as a photographer, and been such an inspiration to us the junior Media Club members at CBC and in Mat’land. Do you have any tips that you can share with us?
PN: To all media clubs members including you and your team, my advice is just do what you love – take pictures. Never think you know it all, get advice from other good photographers. Be passionate and just do what you love.
CBCMedia: In terms of your academics how would you rate yourself?
PN: I would say I’m average but I’m constantly pushing myself to do the best I possibly can. The whole point is to balance sport and academics.
CBCMedia: In your opinion how has CBC shaped you as a person?
PN: CBC, where do I start? This institution has moulded me into the gentleman I’ve become. The holistic education that I have received is evident on the sports field, in academics and out of school. I have been able to stay focused because of the values instilled in me.
CBCMedia: As you will be leaving CBC soon, what advice would you like to give to the remaining CBC boys?
PN: Honestly all I can say is ‘Viriliter Age’- act manfully. It’s been 6 years for me and it has been great but to the guys remaining just act manfully and be part of the team – not only in sport but being part of the CBC team. The most important thing is don’t just do it for yourself but do it for your team because you are brothers.

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  1. N. Moyo. says:

    You responded to all questions like a true captain PN.Very inspiring to all CBC teams I am sure.

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