CBC Family mourns Old boy Adrian Manyathela

adrian Manyathela

CBC has learnt with great sadness of the news of the passing away of old boy, Adrian Manyathela, who died in Ukraine.
Adrian Manyathela “Manello” left CBC in 2015 after completing his ‘A’ levels in Sciences. He then proceeded to Ukraine for his tertiary studies at Cherkasy University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Trade and Exchange Activities.

While at CBC, Adrian Manyathela took part in various sporting activities such as soccer, athletics, basketball and also in most inter-house competitions.
In soccer, he was known for his comic actions, was one of the speedy strikers scoring crucial goals for the team because of his fast pace that kept opponents restless. Just like his soccer team name “Eagles”, Manyathela never surrendered to the size and strength of his opponents. He always fought to win over his prey or regain his territory. He took part in a lot of soccer competitions such as NASH and CHISZ which saw him being crowned with gold after CBC won the CHISZ national tournament in 2014.
Athletics was his core sport at school and he passionately and religiously participated in various events such as 100m, 110m hurdles, 200m, relays, high jump as well as triple jump. He was the Usain Bolt of CBC with awards that included being the best in the country in 110m hurdles in 2014, best athlete at inter house level, Imbizo district, gold medallist at provincial level and was twice a national representative for Zimbabwe in the COSASA games held in Botswana, scooping a gold and bronze medal.
Manyathela also played for first team basketball in his last year at CBC but couldn’t continue playing as the sport clashed with his athletics commitments.
During his stay in Ukraine, Manyathela sustained an ankle injury that required him to undergo corrective surgery. Sadly, Manyathela’s life was cut short after the surgical operation was unsuccessful.
The school is in great distress for it has lost a sports hero, a role model who could have ploughed back his skills in athletics. Nonetheless, he left a legacy that he will always be remembered by especially in sports.

The Board of Governors, the Headmaster, Staff and Pupils of Christian Brothers’ College offer their deepest sympathies to the Manyathela family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

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