CBC Boy Takes Part in the Yale Young African Scholars Program

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Sidumiso Vuma a Lower Six student took part in the 2017 edition of The Yale Young African Scholars Program (YYAS), a high-intensity residential leadership program that is designed to introduce students to the demanding U.S. university and financial aid application process and requirements. He was part of the 300 high school students selected from all over the continent to take part in the programme hosted in Ghana, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe.

This is what he had to say about his experience in Harare:

“It was a great honour and privilege to have been chosen for this programme. YYAS Zimbabwe was held at Arundel High School from the 18th to the 24th of August.

In no time, bonds were formed as though we were siblings. My roommates were my motivators and helped me to understand my true values, broaden my horizons and what matters most in life. Typical conversations zeroed in on politics, feminism, religion and current affairs. It was just fascinating to see young people so passionate about something apart from social media. I was surrounded by intelligent people but instead of questioning my presence there or feel intimidated, I only felt inspired. Engaging in these provoking debates and discussions helped broaden my scope of thinking as everyone had their own opinions on a particular subject.

Our program included: lectures, seminars, group discussions, workshops and enrichment activities. We basically looked at challenges in Africa and discussed them at length. We came up with solutions to prevent similar tragedies in the future. The most disheartening part was learning that we as Africans have become Africa’s greatest enemy especially through corruption.

It was not all work; we also got to play which culminated in a variety show where we showed off our talents. Everyone I met was friendly and relatable and I could just walk up to someone and get to know them. This was not something that happens all the time so I made the most of the time I spent.

The program left me to reflect on the saying: “To whom much is given, much is required.” I was transformed and changed in the way I think and view the world around me. My gratitude goes to the Yale undergraduates and graduates as well as Higherlife Foundation who organized the program giving students like me this rare opportunity. I would like to appreciate the CBC Careers’ Counsellor Mrs. Ntuli for encouraging us to apply for the programme.

I urge current CBC boys to apply for this life-changing programme when they get to L6.  If you apply, you have a chance of being accepted, but if you don’t apply, you have no chances at all.

Obrigado, Barka, Asante, Shukran, Ngiyabonga, Thank you.”

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  1. Zengeni P says:

    Congratulations for such a rare but wonderful life changing experience. Sithi amhlophe.

  2. P says:

    Amhlope, you have done us proud!!! Congratulations!

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