CBC Best Performing Part-time and Continuing Education Centre

christian brothers college night school

CBC has been recognised as the Best Performing Part- time and Continuing Education Centre in Bulawayo Metropolitan Province. The school received the award and certificate from the Ministry of Education through the Better Schools Programme (BSPZ).

The award is recognition of the late Brother Turner’s tireless and selfless efforts of running the night school programme that has transformed the lives of many in society.

Through the night school programme, Brother Turner and his team gave the less fortunate in the society a chance to work towards attaining their O’ levels.  Many who have come through the night school went on to train as teachers at colleges and in other professions. Many have changed from being maids and assistants at homes to professionals in various fields, thanks to Br. Turner and his team.

The Bulawayo community has lost a true shepherd of the sheep who cared for virtually everyone in the society.

He will be missed.

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