• Christian Brothers’ College follows syllabuses leading to ‘O’ Level in Form 4 and ‘A’ Level in Upper Sixth.
• The College policy is to endeavour to restrict classes to a manageable size.
• A comprehensive range of subjects is offered to pupils with various subject options.

Forms 1 and 2 Forms 3 and 4
Art A number of subjects are compulsory
Computer Literacy (ICDL) Accounting
Design and Technology Art and Design
English French or Ndebele
French Biology
Geography Business Studies
History Design and Technology
Mathematics Economics
Music English Language
Ndebele English Literature
Physical Education Geography
Religious Education History
Science Information and Communication Technology
  Physical Education
  Religious Education
  Science (Combined)
  Science (Physics with Chemistry)
  Computer Studies
Environmental Management

The aim of the academic curriculum is to provide the pupils with an educational experience which is as broadly based as possible in the first two years. More specialisation takes place in the third year, and the options enable pupils to take a combination of academic or commercial or practical subjects.

Post ‘O’ Level subjects for Advanced Level comprise:

Accounting Economics
Art and Design English
Biology Geography
Chemistry Mathematics
Business Studies History
Computing Physics
Design and Techonology  

Absence From School
Any absence from school, for health or any other reason, should be reported to the school office on the FIRST day of absence whenever possible by telephone. Pupils must bring a note explaining absence when they return.

Remedial Department
The College has a full-time remedial department. Pupils are given a range of diagnostic tests on arrival at the College, and thereafter are timetabled individually or in small groups on a pull-out basis for remedial work in English and Mathematics where performance is perceived not to match potential.
Daily Reports
If a pupil is not working up to standard, he is liable to placement on Daily Report which is administered by the Deputy Head or Head of Year on a weekly basis. Liaison is maintained with parents when a pupil is on Daily Report.
At the request of parents, a report highlighting academic progress and pupil’s behaviour may be issued.
A system of counselling is provided whereby a staff counselor is available to meet pupils on an individual basis to discuss, in confidence, any problems of an academic, social or moral nature.
• Pupils are encouraged to make full use of the facilities in the Library.
• Books may be taken out before school, at break, lunch time in Library periods or in the afternoon up to 3.00 p.m. (Monday to Thursday).
• Pupils are allowed one book at a time and may retain it for two weeks, after which it may be renewed.
• A fine will be charged for overdue books.
• Internet and Computer research facilities are available, and students are encouraged to use them.
• A wide range of magazines are available.
Daily Calendar
By the first day of each term, a daily calendar showing all activities for the whole term is issued to the pupils. This is as much for the attention of parents as for the pupils.
Homework Diary
• Each pupil is issued with a homework diary on the 1st day of the first term.
• The cost of this is included in your school fees account.
• Pupils are required to keep an accurate record of homework set.
• The diary is designed to last one complete year.
• Parents are urged to check these diaries to ensure that pupils are doing the required homework.
Compulsory Prep.
All Form 1 & 2 boys will attend supervised prep between 13.05 – 13.40p.m. Monday to Thursday.
Homework Policy
There is no such thing as ‘no homework’. There is always homework in the form of revision work, consolidation of past work, preparing project work, reading, study and preparation for exams.