School Policies

Lost Property

•    Lost property is handed over to the Bookshop.

•    A fine will be levied on all items claimed.

•    All monies must be paid to the Teacher in Charge of the Bookshop.

•    Parents should clearly mark items of clothing.


•    All bicycles are to be left in the bicycle shed.

•    Bicycles must not be left against the fence.

•    Bicycles must be locked.

•    Any bicycle found outside the shed will be confiscated and will be returned only after a fine has been paid.

School Development Committee

The School Development Committee at our College is extremely active in raising funds for the improvement and development of school facilities.  An Annual General Meeting is held early in February each year and we hope that new parents particularly will involve themselves in this Committee.


Christian Brothers’ College pupils are expected to become involved in community work and, in line with the ethos of our College and its founder, to help those less fortunate than themselves.  They are encouraged to involve themselves in the Brother’s outreach programmes.

Interviews with Head and Members of Staff

If parents wish to discuss any matter with the Headmaster, please telephone the Secretary for an appointment.  Arrangements, through the Headmaster, can also be made to see subject teachers if the matter is considered urgent.

School Reports

School reports are provided for all pupils at the end of each term, except when pupils are in a final public examination term. (i.e. ‘O’, ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Level).

Consultation Day

Consultation Days, when parents can discuss their sons’ progress with individual teachers, are held each term.

Information Days

Information Days, at which subject options are discussed, are held in 1st term for Form 1 and in the 3rd term for Forms 3 and Lower Sixth, of the following year.


Prefects are appointed to assist in the smooth running of the College.  Pupils must

respect and co-operate with these senior boys at all times.

Office Hours

During Term            7.00 a.m. –  4.00 p.m.

During School Holidays     8.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.

The School Office is closed on Saturdays.

Tuck Shop

The tuck shop is open at break time and at lunch times and at sporting events.

The Book Shop

The bookshop, which stocks textbooks and stationery, is open at lunch times on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.

Thrift Shop

Certain new and second-hand items of school uniform are sold at the thrift shop.  Its opening hours are 1.00 p.m. – 2.00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Each pupil is placed in a house for sports and cultural activities.

The houses are

Andreans, (blue),

Davidians (yellow),

Georgians (red) and

Patricians (green).

Commitment and Compulsory Attendance

•    Commitment to prescribed school activities is essential.  No excuses will be accepted unless a note from parents is produced before the event.

•    Each term there are usually some major events (sporting and cultural) at which attendance by pupils is compulsory.  Many of these take place on Saturdays and even on a Sunday.  These will be clearly listed in the daily calendar, and we ask for your full co-operation in this matter.


Parents are expected to sign a contract with the College detailing the conditions of enrolment.