School Profile

Christian Brothers’ College desires four basic things from our College:

i)                    A safe environment.

This is impossible without rules.  Discipline is firm and students who do not observe the rules will receive some form of sanction.  Each student is responsible for his own behaviour, ultimately.  We provide a clear framework in which the boy may make his own decisions.

ii)                  A happy environment.

We want our students to enjoy coming to school, to feel positive about themselves and about the experience of being a student at the College.  For this reason, we devote a good deal of our time to highlighting the good things which happen and to reinforcing and publicising effort and achievement.

iii)                A good learning environment.

This is a school.  Students come here to learn.  Parents have the right to expect that teachers will teach vigorously and enthusiastically, that they motivate their students, set homework, mark students’ work, report to parents on students’ progress and be available to see parents when problems arise.

Parents need to support teachers in their efforts to achieve these goals.

iv)                A Catholic environment.

Parents want their sons to learn to love Jesus and to live by His values.  They expect high Christian standards from the teachers and are willing to support the school’s goals in the Religious Education, prayer and Sacramental programme.  All boys are expected to participate in the Religious experiences of the College and families who may belong to other Churches are expected to support the Catholic ethos of the College.

Finally, we are very confident that we can work together with you to ensure your boy leaves this College with a strong sense of self-worth, purpose in life, and faith.  If he has these three qualities, hopefully his life beyond school will be happy.

I hope that this website gives you some practical assistance in understanding something about our school.

Yours sincerely